Rick Herd, CEO, Naylor Love Construction“…people are unquestionably our greatest asset. That is probably what I am most proud of. Yes, we have completed some significant projects, but when you see people develop and brought onto teams to reach their full potential, it’s a great thing. We have employed them, helped them get engaged with what they’re doing, and trained them up, and then they have gone away and developed their own careers in senior management. That really is the most satisfying thing for me.”

Rick Herd, CEO

More of what our team say about working at Naylor Love:

“I was extremely lucky to be employed by Naylor Love as a part time temporary Administrative Assistant a year ago. With little experience in the corporate world, I was mainly employed to help out a couple of days a week whilst Wellington was extremely busy. After a couple of months I was then offered a full time 3 month fixed term contract, which progressed into a permanent full time position.

From my first day as a temp I have been welcomed to the Naylor Love family with open arms. I enjoy hearing what projects our other divisions across NZ are working on and I love getting to meet and greet clients and subcontractors on a day to day basis. The greatest thing about Naylor Love is that as a company they constantly and consistently respect, encourage and help me to achieve by trusting me enough to have the opportunity to prove myself with new and challenging tasks.”

KatieAdministrative Assistant

“The opportunities are fantastic, and by applying yourself there is room to grow and move up.

The culture itself is positive and makes you want to perform. Naylor Love promotes good values and a good working environment with good people.”


“Coming from a busy work environment in the UK working long, long days and feeling like you were just a number, it was really important to me to find employment where I felt valued as a person and employee. Working for Naylor Love has been so refreshing in so many ways, I love that I am now a person again and the CEO knows my name and will happily have a chat.

The encouragement to grow and learn is evident and I know I have the support of my line manager when needed.

We also have a social club and regularly do fun things together, a chance to really get to know everyone outside of work which I think really helps you form great working relationships.”

ShereeQuantity Surveyor

“I joined the company because a work colleague at the time recommended Naylor Love, and I really liked the way the management treated their trade team.

I can see that there is room to grow at Naylor Love. I enjoy working with the men and women at this organisation.”

FiloLeading Hand

“I was attracted to Naylor Love for a number of reasons. As a proud New Zealander I saw it as a company that is steeped in tradition and displays NZ family values.

I enjoy the camaraderie with other members and teams – at Naylor love we are part of a large nationwide team and although a lot is expected of me on a day to day basis, I am supported by the team around me.

Being a tier one national contractor, there is infinite scope for my career depending on how far I want to take it. The team I work with are great for a laugh and sharing the pressures of work and life. With a relatively flat management structure you can easily have the ear of someone of influence.”

IainSite Manager

“Naylor Love are very people focused. This shows in their values and also with the time and money they put into training their people.

The personal opportunities for growth are only limited by yourself. The remuneration packages and medical scheme are some of the best in the current market.

Being a national company gives you the opportunity to work in other parts of the country and meet some interesting people.”

StretchSenior Site Manager

“I enjoy the variety that comes with my role. I have worked on a number of different projects, including heritage restorations, new construction, education & government works. Each project is slightly different and each has their own challenges – once these are worked through it gives you a real sense of achievement. With Naylor Love we also have the opportunity to work on significant projects in Christchurch’s rebuild, allowing us to have a hands on role rebuilding our city.

Naylor Love has a culture where everyone is part of the team with input from all members. I’m really enjoying the diverse mix of people which is refreshing. We have a good work-social balance outside our normal day to day roles, with an active social club as well as a number of sporting teams and events.”

MikeBuilding Services Coordinator

“What I like about working for Naylor Love is the people – it has an open door policy, from the CEO down it’s just a knock on the door and everyone is willing to to help.

It`s also very diverse, with staff from different culture and backgrounds. They have a great staff and famliy social network.

The sky is the limit as far as opportunties are concerned within the company…it’s very inspirational.”

PatrickSite Manager

“Naylor Love has a really good culture built around an accessible executive/management team and staff who are positive and focused on delivering great results whilst still maintaining a good work/family balance.

With sporting and social activities through the year there are good opportunities to interact with staff and families, which helps build relationships and makes work more enjoyable.

It’s also great that Naylor Love is a national company – it allows staff to leverage other branch’s expertise and also give us the chance to transfer to other regions.”

GrantManagement Accountant