Our project at Onslow College in Wellington was the demolition of the existing school cafeteria and student centre and the construction of a new 360m2 Student Hub, with study and social spaces as well as a new canteen for the school’s 1,250 students.

While the structure is a relatively straightforward concrete floor with steel and timber framing, the building has a warm roof, which is still a reasonably new technology to New Zealand. A warm roof has the insulation on top of the roof structure, with a membrane on top providing the weather tightness. This ensures that the dew point is on the outside of the building, so there is no dampness inside the building. A warm roof gives a lightweight roof with excellent thermal performance as well as providing superb acoustic performance from rain noise.

The Student Hub is sited centrally in the school campus, and was built while the large secondary school was fully operational. We programmed our works to ensure that noise and disruption was minimised during the school day, and ensured that deliveries were made outside critical start and end of day busy periods.

Client: Ministry of Education
Completed: March 2015


Education, Wellington