Naylor Love is a private company with a compact shareholding. We pride ourselves in operating a flat organisational structure, which ensures that our clients and  consultants deal directly with the decision-makers.

The team at Naylor Love has developed a strong culture totally aligned to our company values. An important part of our commitment to maintaining our company culture is seeking everyone’s feedback in our annual staff survey, which gives our entire workforce an opportunity to have their say.

Results from our 2023 staff survey:

Response rate 95%
I am encouraged to speak up if I feel something is unsafe 95%
I have the knowledge and skills to do my job safely 94%
I would not hesitate to recommend this organisation to a friend seeking employment 81%

Survey results are used by our Board and Executive Team to make sure that we keep doing what we do well and to identify key focus areas. High levels of participation in the survey every year show that the team at Naylor Love know that their feedback helps to drive genuine change within the organisation.

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors set Naylor Love’s strategic direction and monitor our values and culture. Meet our Board of Directors.

Executive Team

Our Executive Team embed Naylor Love’s values in all aspects of the company and deliver our business goals. Meet our Executive Team.

Regional Teams

We’ve got a great team of dedicated professionals in our six regional divisions with an incredible range of experience and expertise. Our team value the supportive culture at Naylor Love, the great projects they can get involved in, the many opportunities for ongoing professional development – and the strong relationships they form along the way.

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