Engineered Timber

Building a better future for our environment with engineered timber.

What if you could build your next building with a technologically advanced form of construction using strong, versatile and durable materials from a renewable source and with 90% less CO2 emissions than an equivalent concrete and steel structure?

The good news is that engineered timber offers all of those benefits – and more. And costs are coming down, with the price of an engineered timber building now very similar to concrete/steel.

At Naylor Love we’re genuinely committed to being the leader in sustainable construction in New Zealand, and we see promoting the use of engineered timber as a cornerstone of delivering on that commitment. We’ve successfully used engineered timber on a number of major projects across all sectors.

We’ve also invested heavily into researching engineered timber products that we can use on projects all around New Zealand, and it’s fair to say we are converts. Our modelling shows that an engineered timber structure can produce 90% less CO2 emissions than a traditional steel/concrete equivalent.

Learn more about our Building Carbon Calculator.

Engineered timber is generally less energy intensive to process compared to other building materials. It can also be used in many different ways in each project: laminated veneer lumber (used for beams, columns, portals), cross laminated timber (ideal for wall, floor and roof panels), glue laminated timber (good in beams and columns).

Engineered timber is a sustainable solution made from renewable products, where the wood effectively locks carbon into the building structure rather than releasing it into the atmosphere. It can be prefabricated, making onsite assembly and construction faster, quieter and safer – and reducing waste. Once in place, engineered timber can perform as well as any other materials in terms of insulation (heat and acoustic) and performance in a fire.

We started building with timber in 1910. Now we’re working with trailblazing suppliers from all over the world to apply 21st century technology to the world’s oldest building material, which gives us a lot of options to offer our clients.

Some of our engineered timber projects:

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