Naylor Love works with the old as well as the new, redeveloping heritage buildings with tremendous sensitivity.

We’ve worked on a large number of significant Category 1 and 2 listed buildings throughout New Zealand, ensuring they are strengthened, refurbished and ready for many more decades of service.

An important part of our success with heritage buildings and historically significant sites is our ability to foster collaborative relationships with local communities, iwi and Heritage New Zealand to overcome the array of heritage, cultural and archaeological issues.

A successful heritage project always demands a huge commitment from the entire team, requiring creative solutions to problems that nobody could have anticipated. We never shy away from a challenge, and we work with trusted subcontractors who share our collaborative, can-do approach.

An excellent example of the meticulous approach we take is Wellington Town Hall, where we worked with Wellington City Council and Heritage New Zealand to identify, catalogue, remove and safely store the heritage material, ready to be put back in exactly the same place:

Whether you need to retain a façade or restore an entire building, you won’t find a more experienced, dedicated construction partner in New Zealand.

Some of our Heritage projects:

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