Naylor Love is a top-performing commercial construction company with extensive carpentry and concrete trade resources. We provide construction services to a wide range of market sectors in New Zealand.

We are proactive construction partners, known for our honesty, integrity and can‐do attitude. We are committed to building long-term relationships with our clients, subcontractors and suppliers. After more than 100 years in construction, we recognise that our business is built on our return clients and, most importantly, their successes.

Our Purpose

Our purpose statement is Building People, Creating a Sustainable Future | He Whaihanga Tangata, He Waihanga Anamata Toitū. This statement defines what lies at the heart of Naylor Love and our greatest asset – our people.

We’ve packed a lot into those six words – Building People acknowledges both our primary business as a construction company and our commitment to developing all those who make up the Naylor Love team. Our vision for a Sustainable Future encompasses our focus on the wellbeing and diversity of our people, our determination to leave the planet a better place, and our efforts to ensure that the construction industry remains a great place to work.

Health and Safety

Naylor Love is at the forefront of Health and Safety in the construction industry in New Zealand. We are driven by our commitment to all aspects of health and safety, including design for safety, safety during construction, and safety for those who will own, maintain and use the building after construction. Find out more about Health and Safety at Naylor Love.


Naylor Love has made a genuine and profound commitment to be the leader in sustainable construction practices and the champion of sustainable construction products in New Zealand. Find out more about Sustainability at Naylor Love.

Diversity & Inclusion

Our aim is to inspire individuals to pursue a career in construction, challenging traditional assumptions and stereotypes associated with the construction industry. Find out more about Diversity & Inclusion at Naylor Love.

Financial Management

A distinguishing characteristic of Naylor Love is our solid reputation for integrity and fairness in all financial dealings. We operate a comprehensive and integrated financial control system and we work closely with our clients and consultants to ensure that there are no surprises.

Programme Management

At Naylor Love we aim to achieve practical completion of the contract works, defect-free in all respects, by the due date. We understand the impact that delays have on our clients, and we work tirelessly to ensure that they are minimised.


We critically examine our performance in conjunction with our clients on our projects through our Benchmarking programme. We measure our performance against both New Zealand and international industry standards, setting ambitious targets and using the lessons learned to drive continuous improvement.

Contact Us

Naylor Love has the capacity, support structure and expertise to undertake projects anywhere in New Zealand. Whether you’re looking to further your career in commercial construction or you’re looking for a skilled head contractor, contact us to find out more about we can help you.

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