Both our founding families, the Naylors and the Loves, established construction companies in Dunedin in 1910. Here’s what happened next…

  • WH Naylor cashbook, 1911


    WH Naylor builds his first house in Portobello, Dunedin.

  • 1910

    Love Brothers Construction established in Port Chalmers, Dunedin by JY, Bill and Bob Love.

  • 1916

    Love Brothers build the Provincial Hotel, one of their largest contracts in Port Chalmers.

  • 1917

    WH Naylor builds his first major commercial project, a Bank of New Zealand in Mosgiel.

  • 1925

    WH Naylor awarded the contract for the Dunedin Dental School at the University of Otago, still in use as the Department of Zoology.

  • 1925

    Love Brothers build the New Zealand & South Seas Exhibition in a joint venture with Fletchers.

  • 1927

    Love Construction awarded the tenders for both the Regent Theatre and Dunedin Town Hall.

  • 1927

    W H Naylor awarded the contract for the Evening Star building in Dunedin, still a prominent Dunedin landmark.

  • 1937

    Love Construction builds 38 state houses in Pine Hill, Dunedin. They also built a number of state houses around Otago after the war.

  • 1939

    A Love Construction/Fletchers joint venture builds the Social Security building in Wellington.

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