Preconstruction services, also known as Early Contractor Involvement (ECI), are gaining traction in New Zealand as an efficient way to deliver construction projects in both the private and public sector.

Naylor Love has shown time and time again over the decades that focusing on buildability from the outset can offer massive benefits for our clients.

Our team enjoys working with clients, designers and consultants from the earliest planning stages of projects, using our specialist knowledge of construction methods and materials to bring their ideas to life in the most efficient way possible. We’re well known for our collaborative approach, and for delivering innovative solutions rather than just identifying problems.

A natural partner to our preconstruction services is Building Information Modelling, or BIM. Our in-house BIM teams can construct your building virtually before we start on site, using computer models to anticipate potential issues before they become expensive problems.

BIM is proven around the world as an enabler of streamlined construction processes, delivering better buildings while reducing overall build time and cost.

Some of our Preconstruction/ECI projects:

The earlier we start, the more we can contribute.