Southern Cross Healthcare

Completion Date

February 2024

High-tech, high-quality hospital refurbishment completed in record time.

Our Projects & Interiors team refurbished two operating theatres and an endoscopy scope clean room and added new scrub room and theatre set-up rooms at the Southern Cross Hospital in Christchurch.

The deadline was tight and immovable, with the work needing to be completed, tested, commissioned and clinically cleaned ready for the first intake of patients. We achieved the ambitious programme by entering an ECI agreement with the client, ensuring that all the long lead items – fire doors, plumbing fixtures, vinyl, bench tops, glazed partitions and custom graphics – were ordered early and on site exactly when we needed them. Only one element threatened to throw a spanner in the works, with supplier-side issues delaying a key shipment from Europe. We had a contingency plan to re-sequence major sections of the project worked out and agreed before the shipment arrived in the nick of time.

Our team and our carefully selected specialist subcontractors worked through Christmas and the New Year to complete the project, making the most of the hospital’s annual shutdown. We collaborated closely with Stryker, who were engaged by the client to install the medical pendants in the operating theatres, working together seamlessly to achieve a high-quality result.


Categories: Canterbury & Nelson, Health, Pre-Construction, Projects & Interiors