We are committed to ensuring that everyone on and around our sites is safe.

Innovative systems, extensive experience

Health and Safety is a hot topic in New Zealand, with increasing statutory requirements for everyone associated with a project. We are well placed to embrace this change at Naylor Love, with innovative health and safety systems and consistently excellent results in internal and external safety audits and inspections.

We are committed to ensuring that everyone on and around our sites is safe, with extensive experience in sensitive live environments such as hospitals and schools, high security environments such as prisons, and high risk environments such as airports.

Our specialist Health & Safety team work closely with our staff and subcontractors to drive a cycle of continuous learning and improvement. Innovations and initiatives are generated with extensive input from workers and shared with the whole company. We’re always keen to share information and resources with the wider industry, such as our In-Ground Services Training and Asbestos in Buildings Training.

H&S results from our 2023 staff survey:

I am encouraged to speak up if I feel something is unsafe 95%
I have the knowledge and skills to do my job safely 94%
The safe work procedures training I've received enables me to do my job safely 88%

Big plans

We have developed a five-year Health & Safety Strategy in consultation with our Board Health, Safety & Sustainability Committee and National Health & Safety Steering Group. Our strategy provides high-level insight into where we are heading and is supported by annual Health & Safety Business Plans in each region:

Development of strategic partnerships & programmes

We acknowledge that industry needs Naylor Love’s support to improve H&S outcomes across the sector. By providing strategic partnerships and programmes, we influence the future generation of workers involved in construction, both trade and technical professionals.

Leadership through safety in design

We are aware of the critical design elements which increase the risk to workers. Through collaboration with stakeholders, we influence design change to benefit safety at work.

Efficient & effective systems and processes

Our systems and processes are user-friendly, innovative, effective and efficient. They are developed by creating a collaborative, knowledge-sharing and risk-based approach.

Build a robust critical risk framework

Our Critical Risks and Controls are ingrained into the business, supported by data analytics and training. Through active engagement and monitoring of “work as done,” we reduce the number of high potential events.

Setting the bar high

We specify our high expectations for health and safety right from our first contact with prospective subcontractors, and reinforce these on site for both our subs and staff with a comprehensive on-going programme of safety meetings and training, regular inspections, audits and reporting, and recognition for exceptional performance.

The standards we expect all subs & suppliers to comply with.

Strong connections

We maintain strong connections with organisations that drive health and safety improvement in the construction industry in New Zealand, with the following memberships and accreditations:

  • ISO 45001 Health & Safety
  • Tōtika health & safety pre-qualification​ ​cross-recognition (Cat 3 Contractor)
  • Site Safe membership
  • Vertical Construction Leaders Group (VCLG) – Naylor Love is a member of the VCLG, an industry group that collaborates to improve the New Zealand vertical construction sector
  • Canterbury Rebuild Safety Charter – signatory and strong involvement in initiatives such as fatigue management and drug and alcohol awareness and monitoring
  • Local Authority Contractor Pre-Qualification

Whether you are a client, a consultant, a subcontractor, a supplier, or one of our own staff members, you can rely on Naylor Love to prioritise health and safety on our sites.

Health & safety news:

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