We’ve been informed that people impersonating Naylor Love staff have been making fraudulent job offers to job seekers outside New Zealand.

Scammers may try to take advantage of job seekers with fake employment offers. They’re trying to collect personal information and/or money.

Our commitment to job seekers:

  • We are a New Zealand company – we do not have any overseas offices
  • Legitimate employment opportunities with Naylor Love are listed on the Careers page of our company website, www.naylorlove.co.nz, and on our dedicated careers website, naylorlovecareers.co.nz
  • Naylor Love staff will always use a Naylor Love email address (@naylorlove.co.nz) to contact candidates
  • Naylor Love will never ask for money transfers, payments or fees from a candidate
  • Naylor Love will only ever make a job offer following in-person and/or video conference interviews with Naylor Love employees

You’re always welcome to contact us to check whether a job offer or job advertisement is genuine – call us at one or our offices or use the contact forms on our website.

view from the crane at Hereford Residences