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Completion Date

October 2017

Staged apartment refurbishments completed to a tight deadline.

Beechwood Apartments is a complex of 75 apartments, which are a mix of detached, semi-detached and terraced housing sitting on a steep south-facing slope overlooking Lake Wakatipu. Originally completed in early 2002, the apartments needed weathertightness remediation, which our Central Otago team commenced in April 2015.

The project was completed in stages, with the tenants vacating and the buildings wrapped in shrink wrap. The overall scope included replacing degraded timber, new aluminium joinery, cladding and roofing, as well as the installation of a ventilation system and upgraded insulation. The ventilation and insulation were to address condensation, as much of the water damage originated from within the apartments, which don’t see the sun all winter. We also completed various internal refurbishments for the individual apartment owners.

Our site team carefully managed the programme to accommodate each owner’s requirements, meeting tight deadlines to ensure each apartment was ready on schedule – despite problems getting paint to dry in the freezing winter months!


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