Southern District Health Board

Completion Date

February 2017

Roof replacement over 28 different levels in a fully operational hospital.

This complex design & build project involved the replacement of 5,100m² of roof at the Fraser Building, Dunedin Hospital. The patchwork of existing roof coverings ranged over 28 different levels and was in a poor state of repair, leaking every time it rained.

Our solution was to re-roof with a Sika Sarnifil membrane system anchored into place with a layer of stone ballast. This proved to be cost and time-effective, requiring minimal disturbance to roof-top plant. We arranged for the ballast stones to be delivered in one tonne bags that could be craned directly onto the roof and placed by untying the bag at the bottom, saving a lot of loading and unloading both at ground and roof level.

Further innovation was required when we discovered asbestos under a patch of roof, requiring the erection of a tent three storeys up over 500m² of roof to allow for safe removal.

Over time the project scope expanded to include the replacement of steel framed windows and the installation of additional handrails and seismic restraints.

The project took place in stages over several years while the building was fully occupied and operational. We kept in close contact with the many departments using the building, observing quiet times when required. While not a prominent feature of the building from the ground, the new roof is durable and weathertight, to the delight of the occupants!


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