Canterbury District Health Board

Completion Date

May 2019

Careful management limits disruption to the public, traffic & other tenants.

Naylor Love delivered the modification and fit-out of the new Home Dialysis Training Unit at Christchurch Hospital. The project included consultation and training facilities for home dialysis patients, plus offices and a clinical testing facility for the New Zealand Brain Research Institute.

We connected two existing buildings through fire separation doors, including modifications to allow the two separate tenants to have their own levels across both buildings.

The construction site was on the hospital campus, requiring constant communication and careful traffic management to ensure public safety. We mitigated disruption to traffic by meticulously planning deliveries and construction works.

Minimising the impact on the tenants on Level 2 of the buildings while we worked downstairs was one of the critical challenges for our project team. We closely managed the construction work in collaboration with the CDHB and tenants to minimise noise, dust and other disruption.


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