Queenstown Airport Corporation

Completion Date

May 2022

Works carefully planned to avoid disruption to airport operations.

Our Central Otago team have a long-standing business relationship with Queenstown Airport Corporation (QAC), completing many projects at the airport since 2009, including a 1,500 square metre extension to the baggage hall and a new baggage handling unit, retail fitouts, upgrades to premium lounges, offices and the check-in area, and a training facility for Aviation Security. We have also completed structural strengthening and seismic upgrades in multiple zones across landside and airside.

We returned in 2021 to complete first phase of the terminal upgrade project, working in departures to complete a redevelopment of the Aviation Security screening area, structural strengthening, relocation of retail stores, and installation of new Advance Imaging Technology (AIT).

We were engaged on an ECI basis, conducting extensive investigative work that produced valuable buildability information that allowed development of detailed methodology and planning documents. This reduced the financial and operational risk for the client and allowed us to conduct the works to an agreed programme that meant that the work could be completed safely while the busy airport operated as normal.

We executed the works in five distinct stages over the year-long project. The structural strengthening works consisted of excavation and installation of 20 new structural foundations, seismic columns, associated beams and secondary steelwork. As this required airside access, we organised authorised personnel to escort deliveries and supervise subcontractors.

Another key aspect of the project was the identification of existing services in the construction area and removing redundant cabling and ducting, followed by the installation of upgraded air conditioning and services.

We completed the majority of the work at night to ensure that there was no disruption to the flight schedule, working closely with multiple stakeholders throughout. We returned in 2023 to start on the next phase, expanding the domestic lounge.


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