Ministry of Education

Completion Date

April 2017


New Zealand Commercial Project Awards 2018 – Silver Award, Education category

Property Council New Zealand Rider Levett Bucknall Property Industry Awards 2018 – Merit, GIB Education Property Award

A stunning & functional open-plan modern learning environment.

The new ILE (innovative learning environment) building at Rangiora High School, Rakahuri, was designed by the Ministry of Education to provide students and teachers with the latest open learning environment.

The massive 3,185m² building comprises 26 teaching spaces, including science laboratories, learning hubs, individual learning areas, teacher resource rooms, and a shared area used by both the school and the wider community.

These spaces are housed under an exposed LVL timber frame that serves not only as the main structure but also as a design feature. The interior design features are defined by strict acoustic performance requirements and finishing details to ensure functionality and distinct design expression, all of which required construction to be of a high standard.

The live school environment presented issues for safety and general disruption to the day to day operation of the school. This was managed by the Naylor Love site team to the satisfaction of the Ministry of Education and the school.

This trailblazing engineered timber building now stands as a stunning, functional modern learning environment, and an example to designers and educators of future school buildings.


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