Ravensdown Fertiliser Cooperative

Completion Date

May 2012

Designed and built to stand up to hard wear and a corrosive environment.

The Ravensdown Fertiliser Store in Mata, just south of Whangarei, is a design & build project completed by our Auckland team.

We used LVL timber instead of conventional steel framing for the structure due to the corrosive environment created by the fertiliser held in the building.

At the floor level we used steel fibre reinforcing within the concrete slab. This limits any rusting to the individual fibres, rather than the rust working its way down the length of a steel rod, and provides a slab with limited joints. This proved to be an excellent solution for this high impact, high wear storage shed.

On the outside of the building we used 4 metre high precast panels with supporting concrete buttresses plus a fibreglass non-corroding product for roofing and cladding, with structural plywood used to cover any protruding LVL to make it weathertight.

The 80 by 40 metre building, with apex height of 16 metres, was completed in just six months.


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