Salisbury Body Corporate

Completion Date

March 2016

A challenging leaky building remediation project with escalating scope.

The Salisbury Crown Apartment complex in Mt Maunganui consists of 16 apartments in three levels of residential accommodation over a ground level carpark. The building required extensive work to remediate water-tightness issues, with the project scope and value growing significantly due to serious structural and fire protection issues we encountered when the building was opened up and found to be non-compliant in many areas.

The building features wraparound decks on three elevations with Juliet balconies cantilevering outside the building line on the southern elevation. The decks posed a significant challenge in terms of achieving compliant falls and acoustic performance, coupled with cladding clearances and threshold restrictions.

The building is close to the harbour and is exposed to very high winds and salt spray, which also needed to be incorporated into the construction methodology.

The extended programme required by the increased scope meant that the vacated building needed to be re-occupied, requiring a significant change to the construction methodology part-way through the project. Access, weather-tightness and health and safety for both the workers and residents had to be carefully planned, communicated and managed on a daily basis.

This was a challenging project, with the escalating scope requiring our project team to display both excellent technical problem solving and relationship management skills.

The finished building has been transformed into a modern, sleek design that takes pride of place amongst the surrounding buildings. The owners are very pleased with the new style and functionality of the complex, and feedback from the neighbouring community has all been positive.


Categories: Accommodation, Waikato / BOP