SkyCity Entertainment Group

Completion Date

December 2019

Acoustic isolation completed out of hours with no disruption to the business.

The East Day Spa operates from SkyCity’s Grand Hotel, which is adjacent to the City Rail Link project that is currently being constructed on Albert Street. With the noisy construction work threatening their tranquility, our project was to acoustically isolate the spa from the tunnel being built on its doorstep.

This is the fourth project Naylor Love has carried out at East Day Spa and involved the demolition of a glazed lean-to structure, building an acoustic wall on the façade, and relocating the entrance inside the hotel lobby.

We completed all of the work at night to ensure there would be no interruption to the business, carefully sequencing the project to ensure that there was always a working entrance and reception.

One challenge that we needed to overcome was the limited space between the reception desk and the new entrance lobby walls. Our team’s ingenious solution was a mobile hoarding system which provided working space to build the wall at night and could be moved back to form a reception area during the day.


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