St Andrew’s College

Completion Date

December 2020

New school fitness centre connected to an existing gym.

We built a new fitness centre at St Andrew’s College and upgraded their existing gym in a year-long project, connecting the two structures together along the full height and length of the gym.

The ground floor of the new building contains changing facilities, bathrooms, covered entrance and a colonnade, with the fitness centre on the floor above featuring a 24-metre-long exercise strip and a range of fitness equipment.

We added bracing to the portal frames in the existing gym as part of a seismic upgrade, along with a new roof, structural and services upgrades. Detailed surveying of the existing building resulted in individual lengths of structural steel beams and rafters being required for the fitness centre, tied back to the gym at the first floor and roof level. Our team suggested a cost-saving reinforcing detail for connecting to the existing foundations to the new build, using couplers to reduce the extent of the existing foundation that needed to be removed.

Our site was in a tight spot adjacent to classrooms. We prioritised safety throughout, carefully assessing and planning construction work in the context of the live school environment. We scheduled deliveries to avoid peak drop-off and pick-up times and worked closely with the school to ensure that school events and exams could go ahead as usual.


Categories: Canterbury & Nelson, Education, Leisure & Cultural, Seismic