Motoka Rentals

Completion Date

November 2021

Nationwide rental car de-branding project at 39 sites in 10-days.

The departure of the Thrifty and Dollar car rental brands from New Zealand presented our client with quite a challenge – removing the branding from 39 outlets all over the country in a contractually-specified 10-day period. To add to the complexity, no two sites – in central city locations, airports, ferry terminals and railway stations – were the same.

We rose to the challenge by enlisting the Naylor Love Projects & Interiors teams all over New Zealand, controlling the work from a single point of contact in Christchurch.

We started with site visits to scope the work, secured the required permits to work in high-security areas, ensured that we had the landlords’ permission to complete the work, then got on with the job. This included everything from re-painting walls, ceilings and building façades, to removing signage, to altering road signage, to installing temporary signage. We logged each task on a central tracking system complete with before and after photos, ready for review and sign-off by the client at a daily online meeting.

Despite the tight timeframe and geographical spread, we ensured that nothing went to waste – special recycling bins were distributed to each site for any damaged or broken branding, and branding that could be re-used was wrapped in reusable building wrap and collected at a central point for shipment to Australia.

We handed over all the sites in the specified timeframe, ready for the next tenant.


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