Wellington International Airport

Completion Date

September 2023

Meticulous planning keeps airport roofing project on track.

We completed extensive roofing works at the Ansett terminal building at Wellington International Airport. Our scope on the 2,000sqm roof including maintenance, installing a warm roof system over the top of the existing 1980’s era roofing, re-cladding and installing a new access system.

Working outside at a busy airport at the windiest point in the windiest city, FOD (Foreign Object Damage) was our biggest challenge. We got an up-to-the-minute weather forecast from the airport every morning and planned each day’s work meticulously at pre-start meetings, ensuring that we only had the materials on the roof we needed for the day ahead. Workers kept a lidded bucket with them to hold any offcuts, and a rubbish chute carried waste directly down to a sealed bin.

A particular highlight came at the end of a project when the Airport Fire Service completed a flood test. They dumped 10,000 litres of water onto the roof – about 5mm of water per minute. This converts to 300mm an hour, exceeding New Zealand’s heaviest rainfall rate on record. We’re pleased to say that the test went very well, with no sign of water in areas that had been leaking for years.


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