Ministry of Education

Completion Date

March 2016

Completed on time for the new school year despite considerable growth in scope.

Our Wellington team completed a major leaky building remediation project at Wellington East Girls’ College and Wellington College, involving re-cladding and re-roofing five blocks of school buildings.

We started by wrapping the buildings in shrink wrap to prevent further water damage. As with many weather tightness projects, the true extent of the work was only revealed when the cladding was removed. In one case, a sports centre built in 2001 that had direct fix Titan Façade Panel, 80% of the wall framing needed to be replaced, which also lead to significant internal fitout work.

Schools are always a challenging live environment, but we worked closely with both schools to minimise the impact of the building work on their day-to-day operations, scheduling our work to accommodate their needs. We also worked collaboratively with the consultants and Ministry of Education throughout the fourteen month project, ensuring that everyone was fully informed, and developing new methodologies as the work progressed.

Despite the increased scope, the project was completed successfully in time for the new school year, shortly after our other major project at Wellington East Girls’ College, the strengthening of the Category 1 listed Main Building façade.


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