Ministry of Education

Completion Date

October 2017

A weathertightness remediation project in a live school environment.

Our weathertightness remediation project at Wellington High School included the replacement of the library, foyer, hall and music block building envelopes and the construction of two classrooms in the gym.

We replaced a substantial amount of timber replacement and completed structural upgrades to the timber-framed buildings, re-cladding the buildings in weatherboard and Sto plaster over a James Hardie cavity system. We replaced the existing Colorsteel roofs and installed Sarnafil waterproofing systems on low-pitched membrane roofs.

We completed the extensive remediation works in a fully operational school environment, with our Site Manager’s strong relationship with the school key to the project’s success. This was particularly important when we discovered more rotten timber than expected and inadequate structural elements.

The library and music blocks were particularly sensitive to noise and disruption. Careful staging and extensive temporary works, including false walls and a fully shrink-wrapped scaffold to provide protection from the weather, ensured that the school community could still use these facilities while works proceeded.


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