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Completion Date

September 2023

Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) noted that work sites are clean and tidy, contractors have been responding without delay to their IPC requests, and while doing their rounds they’ve heard directly from departments about how well the contracting teams have been working in their clinical areas.

Dan Herbison


Careful planning and innovative solutions for a project next to a live NICU.

As part of our wider copper pipe replacement project at Wellington Regional Hospital, we converted the parent rooms at one end of the NICU from non-clinical spaces to state-of-the-art cardiac areas. This allows families to spend time with their babies with full access to intensive care if required. Along with the five parent rooms, we added a new shared lounge and kitchen.

Carrying out an extensive refurbishment with only hoardings dividing construction and NICU babies was new territory for both the hospital and Naylor Love, and mitigating the noise, dust and vibration required careful planning and innovative solutions. One of the key risks was the noise and vibration from concrete drilling for the seismic bracing we needed to install for the services, walls and ceilings. The solution we came up with was to restrict the use of impact drivers, install sound walls, and use the existing walls where possible for the services. We were able to limit the new concrete fixings required by using services cradles and hangers in creative ways.

Our team did a great job of liaising with the clinical teams working both on the same floor and the floors above and below their work area. They drove the design and build of the extensive services component of the project, developing a model we’ll be able to replicate in future installations for optimum efficiency and safety.


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