The team at Naylor Love Construction has developed a strong culture totally aligned to our company values. An important part of Naylor Love’s┬ácommitment to maintaining our company culture is seeking everyone’s feedback in our annual staff survey, which gives our entire workforce an opportunity to have their say.

Survey results are used by the Executive Team to make sure that we keep doing what we do well, and to identify key focus areas. Very high levels of participation in the survey every year show that the team at Naylor Love know that their feedback helps to drive genuine change within the organisation.

Results from the 2016 staff survey:

I am encouraged to speak up if I feel something is unsafe 93%
People I work with cooperate to get the job done 89%
I have the freedom and flexibility I need to do my job effectively 89%
The organisation is making effective improvements to its systems while keeping staff safe 89%
I believe in what this organisation is trying to accomplish 88%
I am proud to work for this organisation 88%

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