“Getting Christchurch based staff settled back into a single location in Christchurch has been a top priority for me and the Commissioners since the earthquakes. I am very pleased with the final result and with the performance of your company. We were able to move into our new offices on time and now within the budget we set.

You and your board are to be congratulated on the performance of your company and especially the staff you had working for us on site… Very professional; very customer focussed.”

Dame Margaret BazleyChair of the Commissioners, ECan

“The refurbishment, which took 18 months to plan and complete, went smoothly which is a credit to the contractor Naylor Love, and the facility staff who managed the refurbishment at the same time as operating a busy health centre and hospital.”

Jonathan ColemanMinister of Health (Clutha Health First refurbishment)

“Naylor Love’s standard of finishes achieved on this project were excellent. Their quality system, and on-site organisation were the best that I have experienced in my thirty three (33) years in the Christchurch construction industry.”

R. B. RamsayPowell Fenwick Consultants (Centennial Pool)

“We were particularly pleased with the attention to detail shown by Naylor Love. Additional bracing put into place to bring the hall up to 67% of code is unobtrusive and finished to blend in with the existing structure. A new match official’s box was built and installed exactly to our specification. Everyone who has been into the hall since it reopened has commented on how wonderful the new floor looks and on the quality of the workmanship.

Now the project is completed, we have a badminton hall that is the envy of the other associations around the country…The new floor and paintwork make the place feel new again and most importantly of all, badminton players love playing in the “new” hall.”

John MorrishBadminton Canterbury

“We could have picked any company in New Zealand to manage this job but we picked Naylor Love as they were an established, local company. They have been fantastic; quality work, on site consultation and interaction, easy to deal with, focused on time delivery and totally professional. Naylor Love are progressing the ‘defect free’ vision that will become the industry standard.”

Tony KoiaKoia Architects (Pounamu Apartments)

“Precinct Properties engaged Naylor Love during the design process for the lobby refurbishment at State Insurance Tower. Their input during the design process was invaluable, and their delivery of the finished lobby is a credit to their diligence, and understanding of our requirements.

The project was completed within an area that had to remain open to the public throughout the construction phase, and this aspect of the project was well managed. The finished project is a credit to all the Naylor Love team.”

Mike PatchingPrecinct Properties (State Insurance Tower)

“I want to thank you and your team for a superb job on this project which had many complexities and obstacles to overcome.

The feedback from consultants and our Ministry team who also worked on the project has been very positive, and we thank you for embracing the collaborative approach we are working towards in the Christchurch School Rebuild programme.”

Jerome SheppardMinistry of Education (Lyttelton Primary School)

“We have undertaken a fast track development over the last 30 months that is now 90% complete. Looking back we can now see that Lockwood Naylor have had a significant impact on building solutions contributing to both speed of build and management of costs.

The standard of professionalism is impressive and straight talk is a hallmark of this Lockwood Naylor team. They professionalism, pride and values evident in the senior managers is also found in the site foremen and operations staff. We have developed trust and confidence in this team.”

Brian WaldenWhanganui District Health Board (Whanganui Hospital Redevelopment)

“Lockwood Naylor (LN) performed magnificently in all aspects of the project…

The onsite staff were highly motivated and it is through their particular efforts that we believe that the project finished on time as it did. The Site leadership was outstanding and individual project foreman superb in managing their teams. The site team on this project is among the best we have dealt with in 35 years.

Overall Lockwood Naylor have done this project proud. Commencing work as a relatively new Joint Venture team, they have provided a quality service that we are most happy to recommend to other clients and colleagues.”

Brian ElliotDesigngroup Elliot Architects (UCOL Whanganui Campus)
  • “All separable portions were completed on programme or ahead of programme.
  • All handover dates to tenancy shopfitters were achieved on programme (+30 shops on the same day). Handover to shopfitters was achieved early in many instances
  • The Lockwood Naylor workforce, and their subcontractors, displayed an outstanding quality of workmanship throughout.
  • High degree of health and safety standards displayed on site.”
Steve LewisKiwi Property Management Ltd (The Plaza Shopping Centre)