Remarkables Park

Completion Date

July 2017

A mixed-use office and retail development at Remarkables Park.

Naylor Love has been involved with Remarkables Park Town Centre since 1999, and we’ve since completed numerous buildings and fit-outs in the development. We were delighted to be invited back in 2015 to build Remarkables House, a mixed office and retail development.

With 1,695m² of offices and 1,250m² of retail space, the new building houses 12 businesses and more than 100 staff. The 18-metre-tall, four-storey main building is anchored by a 300m² core foundation pad with 8m-long continuous wall starts.

It features a steel frame superstructure with a stunning reflective blue tinted glass curtain wall. The curtain wall is broken up by five concrete panel green walls, which will eventually be covered in ivy. There is also an adjoining two-storey wing.

We returned to Remarkables House the following year to complete a fast-track fitout of the Frankton Library.


Categories: Central Otago, Commercial, Retail