Te Whatu Ora – Health New Zealand

Completion Date

August 2023


Gold Award, NZ Commercial Project Awards 2024

I’ve been approached a number of times by Wellington Hospital staff expressing their positive feedback for the teams working within or near their departments.

Dan Herbison


Refurbishment project spanning 6 levels of a busy hospital.

We built new Urology and Renal departments at Wellington Regional Hospital, fully refurbishing a former administration floor. While the new departments are on Level 3, the work spanned multiple levels. We replaced the HVAC and air handling units in the Level 7 plant rooms and the ducting down four risers to reach Level 3. We also completed extensive work from below on Level 2, working carefully in laboratories, the mortuary and the data centre serving Te Whatu Ora’s lower North Island hospitals.

We used point cloud scanning to coordinate the services inside the tight ceiling space, repeating the scan once we had installed the services to ensure that the as-builts were correct. A services cradle solution we suggested helped to reduce seismic bracing congestion and facilitated a smoother first fix installation.

Point cloud scanning also helped with the floor levelling. The floor varied by up to 100mm from one side to the other, but a level floor is critical in clinical areas. Detailed mapping of the existing floor established where levelling was needed, allowed us to calculate the load we were adding to the slab, and let us know exactly how much levelling product we needed to order.

With work spanning so many levels and departments in the busy, round-the-clock hospital, meticulous planning, communication with the affected departments, and constant monitoring of controls was key. We agreed times for noisy works and stuck to them, carefully completed countless services disconnections and reconnections, and implemented scrupulous dust controls.

Our team worked closely with the consultants to resolve the many challenges we encountered, further strengthening collaborative relationships that have endured through numerous stages of work in the demanding hospital environment.


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